Wirex, formerly known as e-coin, combines the use of digital currencies with banking services such as current accounts, debit cards and digital wallets. In addition to offering online current accounts in euro, sterling and dollars (with IBAN code), Wirex provides the international debit card. The Wirex bitcoin card offers the possibility to pay and withdraw money wherever you are.

The Wirex debit card works just like a normal prepaid debit card. Plus, it offers much more flexibility thanks to online services associated with cryptocurrencies and the evolution of block chian technology.

A debit card for travelers, freelancers and any other person who wants to keep their finances up to date with digitization and the convenience of block chain transfers.

It also gives you the chance to receive 1.5% crypto cash back every time you use your card for your daily expenses and 10 € in Bitcoin every time you invite a friend

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